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Campaign Locally

We want every faith school proposal to face robust opposition at every level and make every effort to support secular inclusive alternatives. We always seek to work with local supporters and build a broad positive coalition.

Here are some of the campaigns we and our supporters are currently working on. Please keep scrolling down for more information on how you can take action locally.

Other local campaigning

Scroll down for more information on how you can Help us show support for No More Faith Schools across the country.

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  • In addition to your local MP, please ask your local representatives what they are doing to support inclusive education and oppose the expansion of faith schools in your area.
  • Look out for plans to open new faith schools in your area, or for religious groups taking over non-faith schools.

Education is a devolved issue, so we have template letters for MSs, MLAs and MSPs. It can still be worth writing to your MP, even on devolved issues, as the discrimination and segregation wrought by faith schools is still something they can take an interest in.

Challenge a new faith school

If a new faith school is opening in your area, or a faith group is taking over a non-faith school, we can help. Fill in the form below and someone will be in touch.

We want every faith school proposal to face robust opposition at every level and make every effort to support secular inclusive alternatives. We always seek to work with local supporters and build a broad positive coalition.

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New faith school

We may already have a local campaign set, in which case we'll let you know. You may also be interested in the resources below and current campaigns.

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Do you think our schools should be open and inclusive? Do you think pupils should be free to develop their own beliefs? Do you think schools should be free from religious control? Then please join me in saying #NoMoreFaithSchools!
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Record a short video saying why you're saying "No More Faith Schools!". Make it as creative as you like and we might feature it on our YouTube channel.

Organise an event

It's great to show your support at one of our events around the country. But if you'd like to help us reaching even more people, why not organise an event yourself? Get in touch and we could help with resources and speakers.

'Faith' Schools which dominate the landscape of the United Kingdom are sponsored and run by the religious authorities which comprise the three monotheisms - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Many teachings within these ideological belief systems are almost identical and of course there are glaring dissimilarities. Let’s start with the most fundamental shared belief and that is the fact that at the heart of the respective religious texts they each proffer a 'supremacist' theory which clearly state, without obfuscation, that their adherents have greater moral worth than the unbeliever, or those of other faiths. History attests to the violence, death, and destruction that the contents of these 'faiths' have imposed upon humanity and in certain instances still do. There are those adherents within religion who also believe that as all power and understanding of what constitutes the moral 'being' emanates exclusively from the teachings of their particular 'god', then the organization of society and its educational systems must be determined by their particular religious dictate, which of course is a direct assault upon the principles of gender equality, freedom of thought, speech and conscience as enshrined in the values underpinning our Representative Democracy and for which many of our past Citizens have sacrificed their lives for. This deeply damaging principle of 'supremacy' can be seen across this land where vast swathes of people live in parallel societies controlled by their religious leaders who because of their religious belief fail to integrate with those others whom they consider to be 'tainted' even moral degenerates. Their children are then little more than chattel because Governments and Parliamentarians are unwilling to acknowledge that there can be no such thing as religious freedom without the equal and balancing principle of freedom from religion. Children never ever can be excluded from this which is one of their basic human rights. Human Beings are not shaped by their beliefs but by their actions and a belief in a 'god' as a Celestial Dictator does not in any way confer moral worth or what constitutes the moral being. Beliefs in themselves are innocuous - it is only when any practical of expression of beliefs, flouts, contradicts or fails to uphold the ideals, values as proscribed within our democratic society that the full force of the law should be enforced. Indeed, Government or Parliament has no right to exempt any individual of 'group' found guilty of perverting justice in this regard, nor does it have any electoral mandate to do so. Their responsibility lies wholly in protecting the vulnerable and not religious practise or belief and they should not in any way be cowed or apologetic when tackling any form of religious bullying perpetrated on any Citizen of this Nation. The vulnerable of course in this instance are our children who when confined to a 'religious' school, receive an onslaught upon their mental faculties should any of the three prevent them accessing untainted knowledge of all 'faiths, and of course of far greater importance an understanding of ethics and how it relates to the ordering of democratic society so that they are in a position to choose and/or reject any of these belief systems. Religion is by its very nature a 'lifestyle' choice and as the Government does not use tax-payers money to subsidise those who choose to be vegan, hermits or any other form of ideological commitment then neither should they fund 'religious' schools. The problem is much deeper as within Democratic society religion can only ever be a private concern and it is certainly not the duty of the state to either promote, appease, or fund it. Moreover, freedom of religion necessarily includes the right to be free from religion as the concept of freedom from religion is logically and historically prior to the monotheisms, as Ethics substantially pre-dates them. Freedom from religion and disbelief should have the equivalent 'social license' to operate freely throughout all levels of society. Humans co-existed and indeed prospered thousands of years before the birth of these religions - a fact which confirms that the absence of 'god' as the Celestial Dictator present in the three monotheisms was an irrelevance to the moral well-being of the species. Anthropologists have accurately shown that human beings have co-existed on this planet for at least 35,000 years - demonstrating that to survive they obviously had certain shared values and a knowledge of the social conduct necessary for the species to expand and develop. Judaism dates back just over 2,000 years, Christianity dates back 2,000 years and Islam 1,400 years. The monotheisms are therefore a very recent imposition on the lives of home sapiens and as a consequence Ethics are therefore not only logically prior, but morally superior to any religious ideology. Individual moral worth or conduct is defined by the quality of the action directed towards other individuals, other animals, and things. I have written much more on this subject and if you wish me to send you more, please do not hesitate to make contact.

Elizabeth, from GUILDFORD

I’m outraged that my own kids were ineligible for so many local schools in south Liverpool, and at the dishonest racket of schools selecting on religion, when we’re all taxpayers! Keep me posted.

Natalie, from LIVERPOOL