No More Faith Schools protest outside parliament

Four new C of E faith schools moving forward with little scrutiny

Four new state-funded Church of England faith schools have moved closer to opening, despite a lack of public scrutiny around the plans. Read More »

Inclusive schools for all

Don’t let new Catholic school discriminate in admissions, warns NMFS

The NMFS campaign has raised the concerns of parents in Peterborough over plans to allow discriminatory admissions at a new faith school. Read More »

School sign

Mother has to send three children to separate schools due to religious discrimination

A mother must send her three children to different schools due to discriminatory faith school admissions policies, a complaint has shown. Read More »

Hampton Water faith school sign

Local anger over discriminatory new Catholic school in Peterborough

Residents of a housing development in Peterborough have expressed dismay at the implications of plans... Read More »

No More Faith Schools protest outside parliament

Government asks public whether faith schools are “good for society”

The government is asking whether faith schools are "good for society" as it reviews its engagement with faith organisations in England. Read More »

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Government approves new faith school despite local opposition

The Department for Education has approved a plan to open a new faith school in Soham in Cambridgeshire,... Read More »

Report: religious control of NI’s schools reinforces social division

Report: religious control of NI’s schools reinforces social division

Granting churches power over school governance in Northern Ireland exacerbates the challenges facing the education system, reinforces social division and squanders public resources, according to a new academic report. Read More »

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Thousands sent to faith schools against their families’ preferences

More than 130,000 children have been sent to faith schools in England against their parents' preferences since 2014, the NSS has found. Read More »

Faith school sign

Council urged to tackle discriminatory school admissions in review

Liverpool City Council has been urged to consider the impact of discriminatory admissions policies in faith schools in an upcoming review. Read More »

Child in church

Let’s scrap discriminatory faith-based school admissions for good

Faith schools are set to alter their admissions criteria temporarily because places of worship have been closed. Megan Manson says this should prompt lasting change. Read More »

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NMFS campaign challenging plans to open 19 faith schools in England

The No More Faith Schools campaign is challenging 19 proposals to open new faith-based academies in England,... Read More »

How faith schools are spreading without scrutiny or consultation

How faith schools are spreading without scrutiny or consultation

A lack of transparency in faith academy proposals is seriously undermining inclusive education, argues... Read More »