School sign

Council to consult over planned Catholic school in Peterborough

Peterborough City Council will open a consultation in November over plans to open a new state funded... Read More »

Blessed Hugh Faringdon School

New autism centre opens at Catholic school in Berkshire

The No More Faith Schools campaign has criticised a decision to place a new publicly-funded resource... Read More »

Seaview Primary School

Catholic school plans to be first in NI to become integrated

The No More Faith Schools campaign has backed plans for a Catholic school to become the first in Northern... Read More »

Three failing Church of England schools warned by government

Three failing Church of England schools warned by government

Three state-funded Church of England schools have been warned by the government following inspections.... Read More »

Inclusive schools for all

New discriminatory Catholic faith school to open in Peterborough

The government has unveiled plans to fund a new religiously selective faith school in Peterborough, despite... Read More »

School corridor

Selective faith schools proposed in areas with no need for schools

The No More Faith Schools campaign has criticised proposals to open new religiously selective faith schools... Read More »

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Proposed faith schools in direct competition with non-faith schools

Opening three proposed fully selective Catholic schools in Cambridgeshire would mean three alternative... Read More »

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Flintshire community primary school to become a faith school

The No More Faith Schools campaign is opposing plans by Flintshire County Council to convert a community... Read More »

Catholic school

Faith schools’ normalisation of discrimination must be challenged

As a Catholic school in Scotland says it would refuse to call a non-Catholic its 'headteacher', Alastair... Read More »

Christian youth worker advert

Religious academy trust recruits full-time ‘Christian Youth Worker’

A state-funded academy trust is looking to appoint a permanent, full-time 'Christian Youth Worker' with... Read More »

Welsh school sign

Church to receive publicly funded faith school buildings for free

The Welsh government and a council will give new buildings and land to the Church in Wales for free after... Read More »

Inclusive education placards

Campaigners sign major letter against fully selective faith schools

Leading public figures and campaigners have urged the government not to fund new faith schools which... Read More »