Scrap religious groups’ inspections of faith schools, says report

Posted: Tue, 27 Apr 2021

Religiosity inspections National Secular Society report

Inspections of state-funded faith schools which are carried out by religious groups are inappropriate and should be scrapped, a report from the National Secular Society has said.

The NSS, which coordinates the No More Faith Schools campaign, has published Religiosity inspections: the case against faith-based reviews of state schools today.

No More Faith Schools campaign coordinator Alastair Lichten said the report "exposes the impact and costs of faith-based inspections of state schools".

"This is just another way state funding of faith schools puts religious interests before those of children and society.

"Ending these religiosity inspections would be a welcome step towards reducing religious control of our schools. And this should be a reminder of the need for an education system free from religious control, privilege or discrimination - and for the rollback of faith schools."

You can read more in the NSS's news story on the report or read the report on the NSS website.

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