Do faith schools have a place in modern education? - Video

Posted: Thu, 07 Apr 2022

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No More Faith Schools campaign coordinator Alastair Lichten made the case for an inclusive community ethos approach to education at a 'ThinkIn' discussion hosted by Tortoise Media.

Alastair was joined in person for the discussion by Liz Moseley of Tortoise Media and Imam Mansoor Clarke, of the Baitul Futuh Mosque. Additional virtual contributors included Joshua Rowe of The King David High School and Sarah Hill a CofE governor and teacher.

Alastair said: "It was an enjoyable and wide-ranging conversation. We agreed on many of the values schools should promote, but differ strongly on whether these should be framed in exclusively religious ways, rather than the inclusive approach of community ethos schools.

"We were also able to discuss the problems with discriminatory admissions, and some of the common faith school myths, such as the beliefs they improve choice, results or values."

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