In today’s society, it is more important than ever that our children can enjoy a diverse and fair education, and have the chance to learn from each other’s differences. The National Secular Society’s No More Faith Schools campaign is an important step in this direction and provides a platform for those who want an inclusive education to show their support for that.


Dan Snow, Historian, broadcaster and television presenter

I am a political secularist - I believe the State should adopt a level playing field when it comes to religious belief. Even many religious people now recognise that the State funding of religious schools involves giving special privileges to religious communities that are not afforded to the rest of us. This is unjust, anti-democratic, and should stop.


Stephen Law, Philosopher and author.

Collectively we have an obligation to provide children with equal access to education, for that to be as inclusive as possible it needs to be secular. In a world marked by so many divisions it is important we protect our education system as something free from religious prejudice.


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP

I am happy to join the No More Faith Schools campaign. Education must be secular.


Lord Desai, Economist and Labour politician

I support this campaign. There is too much segregation in life. As we live together so we grow through sharing and understanding not by reinforcing a faith or belief or one set of values. Children from all faith and belief backgrounds should be educated together and allowed to develop their own beliefs independently and within the rich communities in which we all have to live.


Lord Cashman CBE

Please allow children to make their own decisions regarding their religion or lack of it. Allow them to mix with kids from other traditions, to promote mutual understanding and avoid growing up in an ‘us and them’ culture.

Pete, from LINCOLN

We live in a multi race, faith, political, and social society. There is no place for individual faith schools in today’s society. Such schools encourage discrimination at an early age. All schools should teach about religion in an objective multi-faith and secular way.

Rose, from GLASGOW

Having taught in a faith school (in another country), I know how damaging it can be to the fabric of society to segregate children at a young age and teach them they are not like the others. This is a real issue in Britain (as is private schools in general, but that's for another time).

Derek, from NORTH LONDON

I’m Jewish and have been upset to see many non-religious family and friends having no realistic choice for an acceptable education but to send their children to Jewish schools. These children run the risk of growing up in a bubble - not learning (as I did at my state comprehensive school) that people are just people no matter their skin colour or cultural background. Schools should be bringing communities together rather than driving them apart.


It is confusing and befuddling to the children’s education to have religious teachings in schools. It is hugely out of date and not representative of reality. No more faith schools misinforming children!


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