Collectively we have an obligation to provide children with equal access to education, for that to be as inclusive as possible it needs to be secular. In a world marked by so many divisions it is important we protect our education system as something free from religious prejudice.


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP

I wholeheartedly support the No More Faith Schools campaign. Education should level the playing field despite background and give access to the latest advances in science and human progress and encourage freethought and inquiry whilst religion contradicts and/or discourages all of the above. Children are not extensions of their parents but individuals with human rights. Why must they be divided and segregated based on their parents’ beliefs when no such divisions are acceptable when it comes to parents’ race, sexuality or political opinions. An end to faith schools would mean that we finally see our children as citizens and not as the property of their parents and that we as a society value them more than any faith or belief.


Maryam Namazie, Human rights campaigner

Faith schools contribute to the fragmentation of our education system and the religious segregation of pupils. This is not conducive to social integration, cohesion and equal opportunities for all. That's why I'm supporting the 'No more faith schools' campaign. I want to see an education system that is free from religious control and that brings together pupils from all backgrounds and beliefs.


Peter Tatchell, Human rights campaigner

I am happy to join the No More Faith Schools campaign. Education must be secular.


Lord Desai, Economist and Labour politician

The societal division of state education can hardly be said to be in the wider public interest.


Crispin Blunt, Conservative MP

We live in a multi race, faith, political, and social society. There is no place for individual faith schools in today’s society. Such schools encourage discrimination at an early age. All schools should teach about religion in an objective multi-faith and secular way.

Rose, from GLASGOW

Due to their very existence many parents are forced to send their child to a faith-based school whether they are a member of that faith simply because they live in a catchment area where there is no alternative. At present these are mainly Church of England or Catholic schools. Indoctrination into a particular faith usually at infant and primary level is not, in my opinion, healthy and does not reflect the beliefs of most of the UK population. These schools are an anachronism.

Michael, from STOKE-ON-TRENT

I support the NSS campaign against faith schools. I believe schooling should be organised around the principle of community, not be organised around the principle of religious affiliation.

David, from BOLTON

As a former headteacher of a Catholic comprehensive school in a deprived area of Liverpool I know how divisive faith schools can be in a local community. It seems to me that our society would be greatly enhanced by the abolition of all faith schools.

Paul, Liverpool

Faith schools are an anachronism in the modern era when the majority of people have no religious affiliation. They are discriminatory and favour families who often pretend to be religious in order to get into the best local school, or the only one they are able to get to. They also involve a degree of brainwashing! There should be no state-funded religious schools. If parents want their children to have a religious education, they should arrange private RE lessons and not expect the taxpayer to fund them.

Diana, from NOTTINGHAM

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