I am a political secularist - I believe the State should adopt a level playing field when it comes to religious belief. Even many religious people now recognise that the State funding of religious schools involves giving special privileges to religious communities that are not afforded to the rest of us. This is unjust, anti-democratic, and should stop.


Stephen Law, Philosopher and author.

State-sponsored superstition should have no place in the education of children, who should be left to make up their own minds on the basis of the evidence they see around them. Education should inspire rational thought and display the pleasures of deep understanding; it should not propagate the social poison of divisive dogma.


Peter Atkins, Writer and former Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford

I support this campaign. There is too much segregation in life. As we live together so we grow through sharing and understanding not by reinforcing a faith or belief or one set of values. Children from all faith and belief backgrounds should be educated together and allowed to develop their own beliefs independently and within the rich communities in which we all have to live.


Lord Cashman CBE

I am happy to join the No More Faith Schools campaign. Education must be secular.


Lord Desai, Economist and Labour politician

Faith schools contribute to the fragmentation of our education system and the religious segregation of pupils. This is not conducive to social integration, cohesion and equal opportunities for all. That's why I'm supporting the 'No more faith schools' campaign. I want to see an education system that is free from religious control and that brings together pupils from all backgrounds and beliefs.


Peter Tatchell, Human rights campaigner

We do not allow adults to be discriminated against on the basis of religion, so why do we continue to allow the discrimination of children?


As the parent of a two-year-old, in Wigan, one of the worst regions in the country for choices, I am appalled by the lack of options for nonreligious parents, both locally and nationally. Worse still, one the few remaining non-faith schools in my town is in danger of being closed, despite a plethora of local faith schools for those few who do wish for a religious education for their children.

Geoff, from WIGAN

Tax-payer funded schools discriminating against parents and their children for not obeying a set of conditions dictated by the leaders of organised religions is both abhorrent and unfair. All state funding for such schools should be withdrawn.

A Supporter, Warrington

I really do believe faith schools are an antiquated nonsense. If a fifth lane on the M3 was created, and the Church (C of E) contributed 2% towards its construction, it would be considered outrageous if you were subsequently only allowed to drive in that lane if you had a fish on the back of your car. Frankly I do not see any difference between the above ridiculous scenario (which would clearly never happen) and the current system of faith schools that we do have. Faith schools should be banned immediately. Ed Danson.

Edward, from TWICKENHAM

Religious Schools of any denomination should have No place in Modern Society. They perpetuate the indoctrination of children into the faith of their parents & families who were themselves indoctrinated by their ancestors! They teach children to accept information without evidence, as the norm & to believe that their religion makes them special from the rest of us & therefore Deserving of privileges. The history of the world shows that Religion has caused more divisions, wars & suffering between countries & peoples & even among different sects of the same religious faiths. Politicians & Dictators recognise the power of indoctrination to maintain power & control over 'their' peoples' lives-e.g., China & Communism as its' 'new religion'. The Cycle of indoctrination must be broken. This can only begin by making all Education Secular, high quality & available to all.

Valerie, from GLOUCESTER

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