Collectively we have an obligation to provide children with equal access to education, for that to be as inclusive as possible it needs to be secular. In a world marked by so many divisions it is important we protect our education system as something free from religious prejudice.


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP

If we are aiming for an inclusive society, the fewer divisions we can impose on our growing children the better.


Virginia Ironside, Journalist, agony aunt and author

State-sponsored superstition should have no place in the education of children, who should be left to make up their own minds on the basis of the evidence they see around them. Education should inspire rational thought and display the pleasures of deep understanding; it should not propagate the social poison of divisive dogma.


Peter Atkins, Writer and former Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford

I am happy to join the No More Faith Schools campaign. Education must be secular.


Lord Desai, Economist and Labour politician

In today’s society, it is more important than ever that our children can enjoy a diverse and fair education, and have the chance to learn from each other’s differences. The National Secular Society’s No More Faith Schools campaign is an important step in this direction and provides a platform for those who want an inclusive education to show their support for that.


Dan Snow, Historian, broadcaster and television presenter

I am signing this petition because segregation on religious grounds is detrimental to society and to the individual child living in a multicultural society. I believe in a wholly secular education system. Children need to be taught to think critically and would benefit from learning philosophy in school, with religion being taught as part of that.

Sven, Leeds

It is confusing and befuddling to the children’s education to have religious teachings in schools. It is hugely out of date and not representative of reality. No more faith schools misinforming children!


Religious indoctrination and organised worship should not be part of our educational system. The curriculum should include RE to give children a perspective on the religious views of others that they will meet in life.

Paul, Oxford

My daughter was educated in a Catholic school but is now an atheist. She will be unable to apply for a job in a Catholic school as she will be discriminated against on those grounds, legally!. She only wants to teach music - how can that be legal? Yet I have no choice but to fund the schools who wouldn't employ my daughter on religious grounds. If you want to get rid of Sectarianism in West of Scotland, get rid of ALL faith schools and teach the kids that they are the same.


Faith schools divide children. In Northern Ireland, we know this well. It segregates them, and breeds indoctrination, intolerance, hate and fear. Faith schools gives churches access to children they otherwise no longer have. I have spoken with non-religious parents horrified by their child coming home talking about Jesus and trying to pray. Faith schools create unequal treatment for those children not of the dominant religion who nevertheless have to attend those schools through lack of choice.

Colin, from BELFAST

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