Collectively we have an obligation to provide children with equal access to education, for that to be as inclusive as possible it needs to be secular. In a world marked by so many divisions it is important we protect our education system as something free from religious prejudice.


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP

If we are aiming for an inclusive society, the fewer divisions we can impose on our growing children the better.


Virginia Ironside, Journalist, agony aunt and author

I wholeheartedly support the No More Faith Schools campaign. Education should level the playing field despite background and give access to the latest advances in science and human progress and encourage freethought and inquiry whilst religion contradicts and/or discourages all of the above. Children are not extensions of their parents but individuals with human rights. Why must they be divided and segregated based on their parents’ beliefs when no such divisions are acceptable when it comes to parents’ race, sexuality or political opinions. An end to faith schools would mean that we finally see our children as citizens and not as the property of their parents and that we as a society value them more than any faith or belief.


Maryam Namazie, Human rights campaigner

Faith schools contribute to the fragmentation of our education system and the religious segregation of pupils. This is not conducive to social integration, cohesion and equal opportunities for all. That's why I'm supporting the 'No more faith schools' campaign. I want to see an education system that is free from religious control and that brings together pupils from all backgrounds and beliefs.


Peter Tatchell, Human rights campaigner

In today’s society, it is more important than ever that our children can enjoy a diverse and fair education, and have the chance to learn from each other’s differences. The National Secular Society’s No More Faith Schools campaign is an important step in this direction and provides a platform for those who want an inclusive education to show their support for that.


Dan Snow, Historian, broadcaster and television presenter

As a child I went to a Jewish faith school until the age of 11. I found I was very sheltered from non-Jewish people when I went to a Grammar School. That was 1969! Clearly the world has changed hugely, mostly for the better. A friend has had direct experience of this faith school nonsense with her daughter. The whole system is a disgrace to the 21st Century. None of those schools should be funded by the state.

Franklin, from WARRINGTON

Let us stop segregating children in 2021 on the basis of religious beliefs. Let children be integrated and learn to understand one another better. Look at the sectarianism that has been a major problem in Northern Ireland. Integrate, not separate, should be the way forward.

Paul, from LIVERPOOL

Religious Schools of any denomination should have No place in Modern Society. They perpetuate the indoctrination of children into the faith of their parents & families who were themselves indoctrinated by their ancestors! They teach children to accept information without evidence, as the norm & to believe that their religion makes them special from the rest of us & therefore Deserving of privileges. The history of the world shows that Religion has caused more divisions, wars & suffering between countries & peoples & even among different sects of the same religious faiths. Politicians & Dictators recognise the power of indoctrination to maintain power & control over 'their' peoples' lives-e.g., China & Communism as its' 'new religion'. The Cycle of indoctrination must be broken. This can only begin by making all Education Secular, high quality & available to all.

Valerie, from GLOUCESTER

I support this campaign as a parent whose only catchment choice is Church of England. I despair at the thought of sending my child to a school that includes worship, I see it as indoctrination. Christian values are not compatible with British values of tolerance and acceptance. The Church is not only sexist, promotes the idea that good and evil are black and white, that children should live in fear and even be ashamed of who they are. The C of E states clearly for instance that homosexuality is not what god intended, placing them as second-class citizens. I don't want my child to be raised with these outdated views. Recent investigations have shown none of the major religions hold the highest ethical standards. I cannot comprehend why organisations known to have concealed child abuse are allowed to run schools, and taxpayer funded at that. Leave religion out of schools.

Alan, from STEVENAGE

I really do believe faith schools are an antiquated nonsense. If a fifth lane on the M3 was created, and the Church (C of E) contributed 2% towards its construction, it would be considered outrageous if you were subsequently only allowed to drive in that lane if you had a fish on the back of your car. Frankly I do not see any difference between the above ridiculous scenario (which would clearly never happen) and the current system of faith schools that we do have. Faith schools should be banned immediately. Ed Danson.

Edward, from TWICKENHAM

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