Here you can find all of the latest news about the No More Faith Schools campaign.

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NMFS campaign opposes plan for new faith school in Inverclyde

The NMFS campaign is supporting residents to oppose a plan to open a new Catholic primary school in Inverclyde in western Scotland. Read More »

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If we want a tolerant Scotland, let’s educate children together

As academic research shows some intolerant attitudes are widespread among Catholic school pupils in Scotland, Alastair Lichten says rolling back denominational education is essential to promoting cohesion and equality. Read More »

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Taxpayers fund vast majority of discriminatory faith schools’ costs

Taxpayers are funding a larger proportion of discriminatory voluntary aided faith schools' building costs than they were a decade ago. Read More »


Jewish girls’ school criticised for restricting curriculum

A Jewish school has been criticised for restricting its curriculum and failing to prepare its pupils fully for life in modern Britain. Read More »

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Faith schools perform less well under fairer assessment, says study

Faith schools drop dramatically in league tables when fairer indicators of pupils' background are taken into account, a study has found. Read More »

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Petition calls for end to religious selection at Lancashire school

Campaigners in Lancaster have started a petition calling on a Church of England secondary school to end religious discrimination in its admissions policy. Read More »

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Senior CoE priest calls for more Muslim faith schools

The NMFS campaign has criticised a call from the dean of Westminster Abbey for "a substantial number of state-funded Muslim schools". Read More »

Inclusive schools for all protest

DfE plans to keep cap on faith-based discrimination in admissions

The government has said it has no plans to lift a 50% cap on faith-based admissions to new faith schools in England. Read More »

20,000 children sent to faith schools against parental preferences

20,000 children sent to faith schools against parental preferences

More than 20,000 children were sent to faith schools in England against their parents' preferences this month, the National Secular Society has revealed. Read More »

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Islamic girls’ school with forced hijab policy plans to expand

A Muslim girls' school which requires all its pupils to conform to a 'modesty code' is planning to expand. Read More »

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NMFS campaign opposing new selective Catholic school

The NMFS campaign is resisting plans to open a religiously selective Catholic school in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Read More »

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Adjudicator can’t stop Jewish school’s impositions on families

A Jewish state school may continue enforcing strict religious observance criteria on children and their families. Read More »