Children at secondary school

Plans to open new faith school in Kingston face local opposition

Locals have criticised plans to open a discriminatory C of E school as Kingston Council prepares to decide whether to approve them. Read More »

Boy walking home from school

NMFS campaign: seek inclusive alternatives to Kingston faith school

The No More Faith Schools campaign has urged the council in Kingston-upon-Thames to reject a proposal to open a discriminatory C of E school in the area. Read More »

Inclusive schools for all protest

Campaigners criticise discriminatory faith school planned in Oldham

Campaigners in Oldham have criticised plans to open a C of E school which will be able to select 50% of its pupils on religious grounds. Read More »

Teacher and class

Hundreds tell government to rethink faith-based school admissions

More than 1,100 people have criticised religious discrimination in response to a consultation on school admissions changes in England. Read More »

Children in class

Progress towards inclusive integrated education in NI is still too slow

As efforts to integrate individual schools in Northern Ireland face mixed fortunes, Alastair Lichten says politicians should get serious about addressing the damage caused by religious privilege in its education system. Read More »

School entrance

Council consults on plan to open C of E faith school in Kingston

The NMFS campaign is urging supporters to oppose a proposal to open a discriminatory faith-based secondary school in Kingston-upon-Thames. Read More »

Religiosity inspections National Secular Society report

Scrap religious groups’ inspections of faith schools, says report

Inspections of state-funded faith schools which are carried out by religious groups should be scrapped, a report has said. Read More »

Seaview Primary School to integrate

First Catholic school in Northern Ireland to become integrated

The Northern Ireland executive has approved a plan for a Catholic school to become an integrated one for the first time. Read More »

Faith school signs

Research bank shows deep flaws in case for faith schools

A substantial new analysis of academic research has highlighted significant weaknesses in the arguments for state-funded faith schools. Read More »

Apology issued after church accuses residents over faith school

Apology issued after church accuses residents opposed to faith school

A Catholic diocese has apologised over a message in a church's newsletter about local opposition to a new faith school in Peterborough. Read More »

No More Faith Schools protest outside parliament

Four new C of E faith schools moving forward with little scrutiny

Four new state-funded Church of England faith schools have moved closer to opening, despite a lack of public scrutiny around the plans. Read More »

Inclusive schools for all

Don’t let new Catholic school discriminate in admissions, warns NMFS

The NMFS campaign has raised the concerns of parents in Peterborough over plans to allow discriminatory admissions at a new faith school. Read More »