Here you can find all of the latest news about the No More Faith Schools campaign.

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Council urged to tackle discriminatory school admissions in review

Liverpool City Council has been urged to consider the impact of discriminatory admissions policies in faith schools in an upcoming review. Read More »

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Let’s scrap discriminatory faith-based school admissions for good

Faith schools are set to alter their admissions criteria temporarily because places of worship have been closed during the coronavirus crisis. Megan Manson says this should prompt lasting change. Read More »

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NMFS campaign challenging plans to open 19 faith schools in England

The No More Faith Schools campaign is challenging 19 proposals to open new faith-based academies in England. Read More »

How faith schools are spreading without scrutiny or consultation

How faith schools are spreading without scrutiny or consultation

A lack of transparency in faith academy proposals is seriously undermining inclusive education, argues Alastair Lichten. Read More »

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NMFS campaign urges support for secular education in Wales

The NMFS campaign is arguing in favour of inclusive schooling amid plans which could see faith schools open or expand in parts of Wales. Read More »

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Sponsor of planned new Sikh school loses control of existing school

The government has ended a Sikh school's funding arrangement, while the academy chain involved applies to fund another faith school. Read More »

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20 ways you can support an end to faith schools today

If you're a supporter of the No More Faith Schools campaign you can help to make the case by lobbying your representatives, writing about your experience or supporting us on social media, says Alastair Lichten. Read More »


Scotland's faith schools are a divisive anachronism

Dividing children by religion is inefficient and out of step with Scottish society - and giving religious groups control over schools undermines children's religious freedom, says experienced teacher Eric from Edinburgh. Read More »

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Is Northern Ireland set to move away from religious segregation in schools?

The idea that children should be educated together regardless of their religious background is gaining welcome support in NI, writes Alastair Lichten. Read More »

Inclusive schools for all

Discrimination, inconvenience, unfairness: The harm caused by faith school admissions

Recent examples from ombudsman reports demonstrate the absurdity of prioritising pupils for admissions and free transport on a religious basis, says Megan Manson. Read More »

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Make Northern Ireland’s schools integrated and secular, say MLAs

Members of NI's legislative assembly from a variety of parties have called for children to be educated together in integrated schools. Read More »

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Let’s not replace a community school with a faith school in Surrey

A plan to open a Church of England school on the site of a community school in the village of Englefield Green is not in the interests of residents, says local councillor Robert Evans. Read More »